May 26, 2015


If you have attended a seminar with us, please scroll down and click the appropriate image to download the PowerPoint Presentation you saw. The most recent one is always at the very foot of the page.

If you enjoyed my talk and would like perhaps to attend a similar event, please click the blue "Future Presentations With Mike Loomey" box on the left below.

I mentioned in the seminar that there was no need to write down any of the URLs relating to the pages and programs discussed. These and many others are contained within the central SEO TOOLBOX. Please note that this is a very hefty file and will take some time to open and become navigable.

Finally, I would like to highly recommend a local, free skill-swap community called Economy of Hours or Echo for short. Here you can trade skills you have for skills you need. It is very well run, they don't spam you and of all the many organisations that people have suggested I join over the years, this has been the most useful by far. Click the Echo image on the right below.


Here are some of my most recent presentations, with the newest at the bottom. Just click to download and call me on 07967 044282, if you have an problems.